Understanding a Quote For Commercial Cleaning Services

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As a business owner and decision-maker, you don’t have time to mess with unreliable contractors. When you pay for a service, you expect quality. This is especially true for commercial cleaning services. The cleanliness of your business is crucial for both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. So, how can you properly vet commercial cleaning companies and understand the services they’re … Read More

Is Your Service-Based Staff Recession-Proof?

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Why you’re going to see many janitorial companies go out of business over the next 12 to 18 months. That’s a bold statement, so let me explain. The first reason I want to share is that we’ve entered into a new economic cycle. After many, many years of solid growth, the United States is in a mild recession, if not … Read More

Low Performance and High Turnover

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Low Performance and High Turnover

There are many reasons why the janitorial industry has a high turnover rate. But one reason rises above them all. What comes to mind and what I think about great leadership is the quote by Steve Jobs, that says you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you have to connect the dots looking backward. I think it’s important because I … Read More