Staff Turnover in the Janitorial Industry

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It might come as a surprise to some but the turnover of employee personnel is between 400 to 500% per year in the janitorial industry. One of the reasons that the MJ company and Phoenix janitorial have been so successful is based on our ability to maintain lower turnover. In fact, we have experienced a turnover rate of under 75% … Read More

Building Automation Impacts Janitorial Services

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With the latest in technology sweeping across the nation for building construction more and more buildings are being built and retro-fitted with “smart technology”.  These buildings are being called “smart buildings”.  Their hallmark is the use of technology to control and monitor lighting, HVAC, and to operate buildings more efficiently for comfort and energy consumption. This new technology can often … Read More

Property Managers need reliable budgets

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One of the hallmarks of our commercial cleaning service and janitorial to Phoenix property managers is the ability to stay within their budgets and meet their ever changing needs.  The MJ Company has been serving property managers, facilities managers and building owners since 2000.  We have the janitorial systems in place to meet the budget needs for property managers in … Read More

Hiring the right Janitorial company, why time matters

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When you select a service provider for janitorial services their track record is important. When you look at MJ Company you can rest assured knowing we have navigated the business climate here in Phoenix for more than 15 years!

Dust control in Phoenix

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In over 15 years of doing business here in Phoenix in the janitorial, day-porter, and commercial cleaning space there is one issue we hear about more than any other…dust!  I am going to address that here and give some suggestions as to how to deal with dust control and management in an efficient manner. It is no secret that we … Read More

Double Down on People!

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In gambling doubling down means making an additional wager to risk even more to win more.  The same applies in people and management.  There is a terrific example of this with Jack Dorsey and Twitter.  Many are familiar with the Twitter social media platform.  Jack Dorsey is the founder and after incubating it for years he and the board decided … Read More

Office Carpet Cleaning

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Office Carpet Cleaning Methods Phoenix, AZ- In spite of the fact that most offices are divided into cubicles and workstations, the floor almost always is covered with carpets. In the context that dust, dirt, grime, mold, fungus and allergens, get collected in the carpet and may affect the health of the office employees adversely, the carpets have to be cleaned … Read More

Building Cleaning Service

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Why You Should Use Our Building Cleaning Service Cleaning your building can be a very daunting task especially if the building is large and you certainly have no idea where to start. The best option is to contact and hire a good building cleaning service. Any good building cleaning company is one which knows the importance of making your building … Read More

Commercial Janitorial

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A guide to hiring the right commercial janitorial service provider For many companies, choosing a commercial janitorial company is the first step towards organization and cleanliness in the office. Some know that they need a cleaning service, but they do not know what to look for or where to look. At the same time, there is an avalanche of companies … Read More