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Has your company trusted you to find a janitorial service provider you can rely on? Are you tired of being fooled by commercial cleaning services boasting about their quality… but leave you feeling embarrassed? Have you exhausted your search for professional janitorial services in Phoenix?

Stop feeling stressed…

professional commercial cleaning service, pheonix janitorial

How reliable are we?

Phoenix Janitorial has kept Phoenix metro-area businesses looking their best for almost 23 years.

commercial cleaning service provider, phoenix janitorial, is one of phoenix business journal's top 20 janitorial service providers20 years is a long time, but does it really matter how long a company has been in service?

No, it doesn’t…

But there is a big difference between a company learning how to run a business, fumbling through growing pains, charging bottom-dollar prices in order to compete…

… and a company that has been providing professional commercial cleaning services for several of the same companies for almost twenty years.

According to one of our clients, School Director, Sabrina…

“I cannot say enough positive things about the professionalism and the attentiveness to detail that Aerin and his staff display on a daily basis. The Phoenix Janitorial staff is easy to work with, take direction well and are more than willing to accommodate scheduling requests as they arise. Strong communication skills and their commitment to their clients are why I enthusiastically recommend Phoenix Janitorial.”


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Think about that, the Arizona Cardinals were still playing across from Tempe Town Lake which wasn’t yet two-years-old. That was the last time Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool worked with a different janitorial cleaning service.

It’s professionalism and attentiveness that businesses look for in their commercial cleaning company.

But that’s the problem with most professional commercial cleaning “companies”…

Most small commercial cleaning service crews aren’t a company at all… let alone professional.

They might have a logo on their shirt… or possibly hold a Yelp account… or even have a shiny website… but you don’t need a masters degree from an Ivy League school to know those things don’t make you a company.

A company provides professional services. Professional implies reliability.

So, though it isn’t important how old a cleaning company is, what is important is that they have a track record of reliability proven through experience.

A track record of satisfied customers who continue to work with you year after year after year.

And that is what we provide…

A proven track record of reliable, experienced, professional commercial cleaning services.

When you’re looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service, you’re looking for one attribute above all others: trust.

When you hire a cleaning crew to keep your business facilities clean, you’re giving them the keys to your most valuable asset, your business.

The cleaning crew you hire isn’t solely responsible for emptying the trash bins or dusting your employee’s desks…

Your professional cleaning service provider is responsible for the first impression your customers have of your business.

If there is a smudge on a window… or if gum is stuck to your sidewalk… or if your bathrooms are out of tissue paper…

…  though your cleaning crew is responsible, it’s your company that looks unprofessional.

Think about your current commercial cleaning provider, would you consider them reliable, experienced problem solvers?


Well, that’s exactly what Bonnie, Principal (Scottsdale Private School), says about working with Phoenix Janitorial…

“We have found them to be reliable and efficient in meeting the cleaning demands and the provision of supplies for our K-12 school.

“The quality of their work is very good and when a problem arises, Aerin and his supervisory staff are always willing to sit down and problem- solve with us. Since communication and commitment were key for us in hiring a company, they have proven to be worthy of these attributes.”



Problem solvers.

Not many companies say that about their janitorial staff.

Can you?

If not, you’re not alone.

It might come as a surprise that…

82% of commercial cleaning service providers are out of business within 3 years.

That’s right… 4 out of 5 “professional” cleaning service providers are out of business within 36 months.

But what does that mean to you?

That means if you recently completed a search for your current cleaning crew, there is a good chance you will need to continue the search within 24 months. As you already know, that search can take weeks—if not months—to find a replacement.

So how many hours did you spend searching the internet for “janitorial services phoenix” or “best commercial cleaning services near me”?

And then once you did find someone, how much time did you lose talking with an administrative assistant, going back-and-forth over the quote?

If you’re tired of bouncing from one commercial cleaning services provider to another… get a free quote from the 20-year professional cleaning service company in The Valley — Phoenix Janitorial.

We’ve proudly cleaned and maintained grounds for the following industries:


Nighttime cleaning and day porter services for churches, synagogues and all places of worship

Keep your spiritual grounds worthy of worship
church and synagogue cleaning by phoenix janitorial
Everyone deserves a clean space for worship, regardless of faith.

From the moment your congregation pulls into the parking lot until the moment they leave your sacred grounds, Phoenix Janitorial guarantees a clean sanctuary for worship.

Whether you need a weekly power washing of your sidewalks, a monthly detailing of your stained glass windows and anything in between, we have — and will — keep your grounds worthy of worship.

Get your free church and synagogue cleaning quote here


Middle-school and preparatory school day porter and nighttime cleaning services

Keep it clean for the kids
car dealership cleaning by phoenix janitorial
Ask any parent what’s the most important thing to them and it’s undeniably the health and safety of their children.

Phoenix Janitorial continues to work with schools for over two decades to ensure students and faculty have a clean, safe environment to conduct class.

“We have employed the Phoenix Janitorial to perform custodial services on our campus for the past three years. We have found them to be reliable and efficient in meeting the cleaning demands and the provision of supplies for our K-12 school.

“The quality of their work is very good and when a problem arises, Aerin and his supervisory staff are always willing to sit down and problem-solve with us. Since communication and commitment were key for us in hiring a company, they have proven to be worthy of these attributes.”

Principal, Scottsdale Private School

Get a free school cleaning quote here


Auto dealership overnight janitorial, day porter and shop floor cleaning services

Keep that new car smell and in your showroom
car dealership cleaning by phoenix janitorial
Car dealerships are known for three things: free donuts, shiny cars and busy bodies — both staff and customers.

That’s why it’s imperative to have someone dedicated to keeping track of what needs to be done and when.

So when the final car rolls off the lot, that’s when Phoenix Janitorial begins to help you shine.

We make sure the showroom floors and large display windows are as spotless as the new Cadillac Escalade sitting on the showroom floor. That coffee stain on the waiting room coffee table… gone before you arrive at work the next morning.

Every detail is accounted for every day.

Get your free auto dealership cleaning audit here


Class-A office space day porter and nighttime cleaning services

Maintain a clean office 24/7
class-a office space cleaning by phoenix janitorial

Your company works hard to maintain a professional image.

That’s why Phoenix Janitorial offers industry leading day porter and nighttime cleaning services to any sized business in The Valley.

Whether your company runs out of a small room fit for a boutique start-up or requires elite, Class-A office space, we know how to maintain a clean working environment.

Phoenix Janitorial inspects everything from the entryway floors to the blinds in the boardroom.

Get your free commercial office cleaning quote here


Professional cleaning services for residential communities

Scale your property with quality
professional residential cleaning - phoenix janitorial
As the property manager of an apartment complex, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the environment is healthy and safe for both tenants and staff.

If the lawn is littered with trash or offices aren’t nice and tidy, your boss and coworkers notice. And when a potential tenant is moving in, or a former neighbor is moving out, it’s your job to make sure things happen according to plan.

“Thank you! I appreciate you and your staff always keeping me in the loop on items at our properties. You all are really terrific!”

Lisa, Property Manager

When a haboob tears through your property and requires an emergency cleaning, you need to know your commercial cleaning company can swiftly move in to impress the new tenant for their walkthrough.

That’s why we pride ourselves on growing with all our property managers.

Get your free residential community cleaning quote here

Make sure your intimate community feels like one
professional cleaning for master-planned communities by phoenix janitorial

You are responsible to ensure everything in your master-planned community looks and feels like home. As the property manager, you are entrusted with the health and safety of your friends and family.

“I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond what is expected of you. Your team is amazing.“

Tom, Property Manager

The residents of your community want their streets are free of trash, lawns manicured like the 5-star resort golf course they live alongside, and the clubhouse and common grounds are warm and inviting. And when things aren’t cared for, you’re the one who hears about it.

Eliminate uncomfortable conversations with your nextdoor neighbors, trust Phoenix Janitorial with your community’s cleaning and maintenance needs.

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Overnight janitorial and day porter cleaning services for public and private golf courses

Keep the green as clean as your putter
professional cleaning for golf courses by phoenix janitorial

On your golf course, a hole in one is something everybody shoots for. But when it comes to maintaining the greens and keeping the clubhouse clean, it’s not only something they want but expect.

This is why groundskeepers for both private and public golf courses trust Phoenix Janitorial to maintain everything from the cleanliness of their parking lot and clubhouse to the restrooms and beer stations on the greens.


Parks and community recreational facility overnight and day porter cleaning services

Maintain clean grounds inside and out, day and night
facility overnight and day porter cleaning services by phoenix janitorial

You have your hands full. As the head groundskeeper or property manager, you’re in charge of maintaining every square foot of the public or private park grounds. It’s your job to ensure the grass outside is green and liter-free, bathrooms smell clean and pee-free and offices are spotless and stain-free.

And if they’re not… you’re the one who has to hear about it.

Trust the details you’re judged on to a company with a professional, experienced, and reliable track record, Phoenix Janitorial.

Get your free golf course cleaning quote here

Post-construction cleaning services in Phoenix

The build is done… but you’re not finished
professional residential cleaning - phoenix janitorial

You’ve successfully completed the remodel of abandoned stripmall office space into a trendy new bistro. Or, your professional crew built stunning a Class-A office from the ground up.

After months or years on the job, only one thing remains before you send that final invoice: post-construction clean up.

With nothing left but sawdust on the crown molding, muddy footprints on the wood floors and leftover 2×4’s lining the entranceway, get fast, professional help with your construction clean up.

Regardless of how large the building — or when you need it cleaned — the inspection won’t be complete until you handle the post-construction cleaning responsibilities.

Don’t let another day go by!

Let Phoenix Janitorial handle the clean up when construction is complete.

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