Property Managers need reliable budgets

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One of the hallmarks of our commercial cleaning service and janitorial to Phoenix property managers is the ability to stay within their budgets and meet their ever changing needs.  The MJ Company has been serving property managers, facilities managers and building owners since 2000.  We have the janitorial systems in place to meet the budget needs for property managers in … Read More

Hiring the right Janitorial company, why time matters

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When you select a service provider for janitorial services their track record is important. When you look at MJ Company you can rest assured knowing we have navigated the business climate here in Phoenix for more than 15 years!

Commercial Cleaning Services

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Commercial Cleaning Services Phoenix, AZ- As a commercial cleaning services company, we take pride in what we have done for the period that we have been operational. We offer the best in Phoenix and Scottsdale and credit goes to every person who involved in the company to deliver the best. What makes us the best? The following are our pillars, … Read More