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The Phoenix metro area is unlike any other. That’s why Arizona businesses need a professional commercial cleaning company like no other, one built in Phoenix from the ground up to provide service like no other.

From the very beginning, we eschewed rapid growth in favor of building trusted relationships.

We chose to work with companies that we could truly help.

This simple philosophy led to consistent customer growth and loyal customers.

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Aerin Jacob | Founder

The MJ Company | Phoenix Janitorial and its people understand your needs and how you want things done.

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8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The first day that you bring our company The MJ Company | Phoenix Janitorial on board, for your maintenance needs, you will probably notice the smiles on our employees’ faces.

If we work when customers are present, they will see clean-cut, friendly maintenance workers who give your business an even more professional sheen.

We hire only the best people, those who are more than a mop, a broom, or a squeegee.

We put our staff through an industry-leading training program.

We ensure they are more than a duster, broom, or squeegee.

They are The MJ Company, which means they are focused on service on every job, every day.

Whether your business suffers from too much dust left behind on a daily basis, or it’s in need of a weekly deep clean, The MJ Company | Phoenix Janitorial uses the safest products available.

We have been working and utilizing green clean procedures and products since 2008.

As an extension of our capabilities, we work with companies that are required to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards.

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