Leading the Fight Against COVID-19 with Advanced Clorox Total 360 Sanitization

THE MJ COMPANY | PHOENIX JANITORIAL: where cutting-edge cleanliness meets public health safety

As a premier provider of janitorial and sanitation services, we specialize in creating safer environments using the innovative Clorox Total 360 Disinfection and Sanitizer System.

Our approach is designed to combat pathogens, including the novel coronavirus, ensuring a healthier space for your workplace and home.

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Why Choose The MJ Company | PHoenix Janitorial for COVID & Virus Sanitation Services?

  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing the Clorox Total 360 system, we efficiently cover up to 18,000 square feet per hour, targeting bacteria, viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, and fungi.
  • COVID-19 Expertise: Our team is specifically trained in protocols recommended by health authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19, ensuring your spaces meet health and safety standards.
  • Expert Team: Our professionals are experts in leveraging the Clorox Total 360 technology to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximum protection.
  • Customizable Solutions: We adapt our cleaning services to meet the specific needs of each facility, with special consideration for high-touch areas and COVID-19 prevention.

COVID and Virus Sanitation Services Include:

Commercial Cleaning

Tailored services for offices, retail spaces, and other commercial properties with a focus on high-traffic areas to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Healthcare Facility Sanitization

Our Clorox Total 360 treatment meets the critical needs of medical facilities, providing a higher level of sanitation necessary in pandemic conditions.

Educational Institutions

Regular disinfection of schools and colleges, focusing on classrooms, labs, and common areas to safeguard students and staff.

COVID-19 Response

Our proactive measures include using EPA-approved disinfectants in the Clorox Total 360 system to specifically target SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

We are committed to updating our practices in line with the latest CDC guidelines to ensure we are effectively combating the spread of the virus.

Reach out today for a free consultation to discuss how our specialized COVID-19 sanitation services can help protect your space.

Transparent Pricing

We offer competitive and straightforward pricing, with no hidden fees, ensuring you receive the best value for our quality services. We’re confident that our comprehensive approach to janitorial and commercial cleaning services will meet and exceed your requirements. 

In a bustling city like Phoenix, maintaining a clean and professional business environment is essential. With The MJ Company | Phoenix Janitorial, you’re choosing a partner who’s dedicated to exceeding your expectations for janitorial services and commercial cleaning.

Ready to transform your business environment? Join the many satisfied businesses in Phoenix that have already experienced the difference our team can make.

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