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We hire the best to bring you the best.

Many companies give lip service to the idea of “Our power is our people.”

The MJ Company | Phoenix Janitorial lives this principle with every employee we hire and every job they do. 

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Reliable and experienced cleaning Services

Daytime jobs, when our people will be visible to your customers – as well as nighttime jobs, when no one else is around – are done by people held to The MJ Company’s exacting hiring standards and codes of conduct.

Hire better people so you can deliver better service.

The MJ Company’s employment philosophy is as simple as that.

Work with us! The MJ Company | Phoenix Janitorial can help you shine.

“By seeing early on that we wanted our staff to be in-house and trained by our company leaders, we gained a built-in advantage that got rid of the middleman.

That advantage was our ability to compete on price as well as service.”

– Aerin Jacob – Founder, The MJ Company

We Only Hire The Best

You will often hear our HR teams tell a story of how, when we first began hiring, they placed an ad in the “local jobs” section of the newspaper or online forums and simply stated the hourly pay, job location, and times.

After placing an ad with those parameters, more than 100 people showed up at our job fair to apply in person and our HR teams were overwhelmed.

One month later, we placed an ad in the same forums—but changed the details to state that we test for drugs, we check applicants’ backgrounds, we use E-Verify and participate in the Arizona New Hire program.

After we put out an advertisement with these higher standards, the next month only 10 people showed up!

We had sifted our applicant pool by 90% simply by letting potential employees know we demanded the best. Only better candidates applied, and from them, we selected the very best to serve our clients.

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