Building Automation Impacts Janitorial Services

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With the latest in technology sweeping across the nation for building construction more and more buildings are being built and retro-fitted with “smart technology”.  These buildings are being called “smart buildings”.  Their hallmark is the use of technology to control and monitor lighting, HVAC, and to operate buildings more efficiently for comfort and energy consumption.

This new technology can often pay for itself in energy usage savings.  Smart technology has also impacted the janitorial and building services sector as well.  Our teams use wiki-systems and real time apps to communicate with and documents customer conversations, issues, requests and in some cases complaints.  This allows our team to better serve our clients and creates a general knowledge base that all team members can access.  It is an old management axiom that communication is at the heart of 80% of problems faced in the work place.  By using communication tools like wiki-sites, whatsApp, CRMs and Slack we can integrate these platforms with key pieces of data about a building, training videos for new hires, and facilitate better follow up mechanisms for our management team.

Smart buildings are not just the tools of facility engineers any more.  The wave of technology at our disposal today is also a must have for commercial cleaning contractors and janitorial service providers especially here in Phoenix, Arizona.  MJ Company will continue to be at the forefront of these technologies adopting more as we see their gained efficiencies.  For more info on how this can impact your property or Class A office space here in Phoenix give us a call! (602)638-1700

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