Commercial Janitorial

A guide to hiring the right commercial janitorial service provider

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For many companies, choosing a commercial janitorial company is the first step towards organization and cleanliness in the office. Some know that they need a cleaning service, but they do not know what to look for or where to look. At the same time, there is an avalanche of companies offering quotes and promising the best service you have ever seen around these. At the end, as a business owner, you become confused as to who to go for ,who to believe and who to trust. Keep in mind that the decision you make is going to cost you money, so it pays to take time and cast a long, hard look around.

Below are tips to help you choose the best cleaning partner:

Obtain quotes

Not all companies will charge the same for their services, which is why you need to collect quotes from several candidates before making the ultimate decision to engage. In order for your cleaning company to offer a good estimate, they need to have a look at the premises that need cleaning. The prices are going to be different across the board, as will be the range of services offered. If you do not like the quotes, you can always ask for a renegotiation in cases where possible. In situations where you do not understand the pricing, ask for an activity-by –activity breakdown. Keep in mind that it is not all about price, because the cheapest services are in most cases the faultiest.

Insurance is key

It would be suicidal to hire a commercial janitorial company that is not insured, as this makes you liable for injuries suffered by their employers in the course of working for you. Insist on seeing proof of a current insurance policy.

Matters of contract are sensitive

Stay wary of fine print. Read through the contract you sign word-for-word and ensure that you understand it up to the final sentence. Some companies will trick you into their services for long spells without any wriggle room for change. The best contracts have a clause that provides for recourse in situations where you are not satisfied with the service being offered.


A commercial janitorial company will furnish you with the details of those they have worked for in the past. Take it upon yourself to talk to these former clients and ask them questions regarding the service. Did they like it? Were they happy?

You will need to vet your commercial cleaning partner thoroughly before putting pen to paper because after all, you are spending your own money and therefore deserve the quality of service you expect.

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