Double Down on People!

In gambling doubling down means making an additional wager to risk even more to win more. The same applies in people and management. There is a terrific example of this with Jack Dorsey and Twitter. Many are familiar with the Twitter social media platform. Jack Dorsey is the founder and after incubating it for years he and the board decided to part ways and leave the future to a new CEO. This failed miserably. And now Jack is back as CEO and in one of his first moves he decided to double down on people by giving a 1/3 of his Twitter shares back to the employees! He is giving over $200 million back!

Hooray for Jack! Hooray for the acknowledgment that as his first move the first thing he needs to do is show his commitment to his people! Moves like these are all too often not heard from CEOs. But before you set out on any journey you better make sure your people are on board. Articulating a vision is so vital to this pursuit.

At MJ Company we try to show our motivation for getting the right people by employing a “best-in-class” hiring practices. This gets us better people and once they are trained we try to give them the autonomy to get things done. Micro managers really show how little they trust their team by hovering over them every step of the way. This does not foster growth and responsibility. Is everyone perfect? Of course not…we will make mistakes along the way. But what matters most is that PEOPLE are at the center of what we do. People do the office cleaning. People get our janitorial done right. People are the reason we succeed in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria, Anthem, Chandler, Tempe and everywhere in AZ! People need to be doubled down on. And we are here to ante up!

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