Dust control in Phoenix

A typical “haboob” dust storm in the Arizona desert rolling over the city of Phoenix.

In over 15 years of doing business here in Phoenix in the janitorial, day-porter, and commercial cleaning space there is one issue we hear about more than any other…dust! I am going to address that here and give some suggestions as to how to deal with dust control and management in an efficient manner.

It is no secret that we live and work in a desert. Desert climates are obviously more arid, dry and often are place of extreme temperature change. In the deserts it is typical to find a temperature change from high to low in a day between 20-30 degrees. This differs from the coastal climates where this can often be less than 12 degrees. This extreme temperature change can lead to winds, less vegetation and more dust. This dust always seems to find its way into our homes, our workplaces, schools, and atmosphere. Because this dust is so prominent Arizona janitorial companies typically spend twice as much time managing dust control as our counterparts in more humid climates. Notice I said managing dust control. Something that you manage you measure and something that you measure can produce data and that data can tell you a story if you interpret it right.

The way we use data to help maintain dust control is by measuring what areas and how frequently we trap dust molecules through microfiber dusting. By doing this consistently you can find “hot spots” where the dust control is inefficient or not up to a customers proper satisfaction and adjust accordingly. Of course all of this assumes you have the right tools to do the job and of course the right measuring device. We use technology to do all of this. If you want to learn more about how we do this for our customers contact us! We would be happy to share and provide you with a quote! (602)638-1700

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