Janitorial Contracts

Janitorial Contracts

Janitorial contract services are hired to clean many kinds of buildings. They are janitorial contract services that work principally in residential areas; some work mostly in commercial structures as well as in medical facilities only. Prior to employing janitorial services, you ought to know the variation in the company policies.

Janitorial services can be divided into the following categories:

Commercial services clean office buildings. They usually clean the common areas shared by residents in apartment buildings and condominium complexes. They clean stores, shops, retail establishments as well as schools. These contracts usually include surface dusting, floor care, and trash removal, the cleaning of lavatories, window cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Churches, Schools, Car Dealerships, and Small Offices. Each facility may hire the services in multiple business structures. In case the building owner needs to hire a service to maintain the common areas clean, they will possibly have to hire commercial cleaning service. Service contract with one of the companies may include window washing, general cleaning, floor care, laundry services, and carpet cleaning.

Medical services are dedicated to clean Doctors’ offices and exam rooms, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, physical therapy centers and dental offices. These service contracts usually comprise of window cleaning, dusting of surfaces and blinds, and floor care. It may also include disinfecting exam and waiting rooms, the care of aquariums or plants in the offices.

Recreational facility janitorial services cleans the concert halls, some of them clean movie theaters, community centers, meeting halls and public swimming facilities. These service contracts commonly cover the clean-up which would be required for an event. This would include picking up trash as well as cleaning seating areas, bathroom facility cleaning and draining trash receptacles.

Each time you hire a company to do a cleaning for you the contract which you agree upon will be negotiable. This means that you can come up with a custom package of duties which the company will do, and you determine how often the duties will be performed. You will then agree with the company representative on terms of your contract as well as on how long the contract is to last.

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