from the Presidents desk…

When we started this company over 14 years ago I liked to say “we had no customers, no equipment, no employees, and no idea what we were doing!” What we did have was a desire and a drive to get better. We kept that commitment up through good economies and bad. We witnessed the turn of events of 9/11 and how it impacted our economy to the housing crisis and how it affected Arizona businesses. Through it all we have always found that striving to constantly get better never goes out of style. It is a way of operating that transcends the economic conditions of the day.

We are not the largest janitorial and building maintenance company in Arizona but in this economy of the 21st century what really matters is being the most nimble. We will turn customers away if we think it doesn’t make sense for us to work with them and can’t deliver consistency. We want want the best people in the industry. We try to set up compensation plans that reward those people for consistency and responsiveness. This formula of attracting the best people has been the key to our growth and development. When we instated our drug testing program and our background check guidelines we raised the bar on “people”. By raising that bar we have delivered terrific growth and added value to our customers.

What people hire MJ Company for is our ability to solve their building maintenance and janitorial needs and allow them to focus on what they do best. Whether you are a business or property manager, a school or church, a car dealership or local community center let us staff your needs in this department and let your people focus on what they do best! We would be honored to call you a customer of ours. Please let our team know how we can help you match our people with your needs.


Aerin C. Jacob

Keeping Phoenix Businesses Worthy of The Spotlight… Even After 22 Years