Man Having Dental Check-up

The Dentist and the Janitor

Few things are more important than living and working in a healthy space

Scottsdale, Arizona is home to one of the most world-renowned dental aesthetic clinics in the entire world.

Man Having Dental Check-up

The clinic was founded in 2007 by Dr. Frank Spear from the state of Washington. The clinic was founded with the vision of offering dentists throughout the country the opportunity for continuing education. This education was centered on the patient-dentist relationship and the effectiveness of terrific patient care observed from the Mayo Clinic.

When Dr. Spear envisioned the clinic he had no idea how successful it would become almost two decades later. Today, Spear Education is considered one of the foremost leaders in resident and nonresident faculty teaching.

You may be wondering what dental education has to do with janitorial services. While janitorial services aren’t as complicated as medical procedures it highlights the need for training and continuing education within an industry.

Dr. Spear was a pioneer in the dental field. The need for continuing education is necessary for all organizations reaching for greatness. This is the same thing Phoenix Janitorial is building from the ground up in our Phoenix facility. We are creating a training program that focuses not only on the technical aspects of cleaning maintenance throughout facilities but also on the human aspect of interaction — how team members collaborate with their coworkers, colleagues, and clients.

The training program focuses on three specific areas of development, including:

  • Cleaning specifications and consistency
  • Safety
  • personal development

These three critical factors are vital to developing a positive team in any service-based industry.

The program features continuing education utilizing video courses that challenge the Phoenix Janitorial team members to increase their awareness of the potential opportunities and challenges faced by their clients. Most clients are unaware of the hidden health dangers in their facilities.

As we have discovered throughout the past couple of years, few things are more important than the healthy environment we work and live in. Phoenix Janitorial’s commitment to continuous education puts us in a unique position to help our staff grow in order to serve our clients better. Better people equals better service.

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