3 Keys to Running a Successful Commercial Cleaning Company

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Hiring the best people isn’t enough to guarantee success. Discover two additional ingredients that will take you over the top.

If someone were to ask me, “Hey, what are the ingredients to running a successful commercial cleaning company?”, I would reply with the following three things.

In fact, these three things are key to running any company, not just a janitorial commercial cleaning company. The three ingredients are people, systems, and training. 

Key #1 to Commercial Cleaning Company Success — People

As I discussed in detail last week, hiring the best personnel is the most important of these three ingredients.

All the high-performers in our company have strong decision-making abilities. They have the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and think better on their feet. They anticipate problems before they happen.

But, hiring the best people isn’t the only thing that leads to long-term success. You also need the following two components.

Key #2 to Commercial Cleaning Company Success — Systems

The second component to janitorial cleaning success is having the right systems in place. Another word for systems is the structures you use to operate your company. How do you do what you do? You create processes and procedures that are easily repeatable. They should be taught in a way that promotes consistency, and the way you do that is through thorough training. 

Key #3 to Commercial Cleaning Company Success — Training

Training programs usually have four components. I want to give credit where credit is due. I first heard of these components from LightSpeed VT and Brad Lea’s company out of Las Vegas. The four elements necessary for good training are:

  1. Content
  2. Practice
  3. Repetition
  4. Accountability

Those four elements are critical to the success of any good training program. Training programs that don’t have those four elements tend to fail. Unfortunately, they are not present in every training program. They need to be developed intentionally. That doesn’t just happen the day you buy or build a company. Those processes, systems, and methods are developed over time, through best practices discovered by you.

To recap, your training program is critical. Having systems is critical. But, of all the things that will create a successful commercial cleaning company like Phoenix Janitorial, it’s hiring the best people.

Remember, hiring the right people isn’t about finding “yes people.” After training them properly you want to feel secure giving them the autonomy to build upon and improve your systems.

Sometimes those structures might not be within the realm of what you want as a company, and that’s why having good systems and training are vital. When you get those three elements together, it provides a magical customer experience.

Customer Service Magic

What is the point of focusing on the three keys to commercial cleaning success if it’s not to “Wow!” your customers?

Creating exceptional customer service doesn’t just happen. In our decades of experience, we have discovered four levels of incredible customer service.

The first level of creating customer service magic is to meet expectations. The second level of great customer service is to exceed those expectations. Once you have exceeded those expectations you want to amaze your customers. And, once they are amazed at the service you provide you want to create a feeling of delight.

Because we focus on hiring the best people and then training them with our exceptional systems, Phoenix Janitorial gets positive feedback rather frequently from our clients.
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