Understanding a Quote For Commercial Cleaning Services

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As a business owner and decision-maker, you don’t have time to mess with unreliable contractors. When you pay for a service, you expect quality. This is especially true for commercial cleaning services. The cleanliness of your business is crucial for both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. So, how can you properly vet commercial cleaning companies and understand the services they’re quoting? As professionals in the industry, we can help!

What’s Included in a Commercial Cleaning Services Quote?

Quoting commercial cleaning services can be complex depending on your business, office space, or industry. It can be broken down into a few simple phases. The following are four primary categories of commercial cleaning that are done at most businesses.

Those four phases are:

  1. Vacuuming carpeted areas
  2. Trash removal and recycling
  3. Cleaning hard surface flooring, like sweeping and mopping floors
  4. A wiping routine, which usually consists of cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, sinks, kitchens, break rooms, and areas where people eat

These four routines are the core focus for most commercial janitorial service providers throughout the United States. When a janitorial company bids on a commercial cleaning contract, they create a labor rate based on how much floor exists in a building and how many rooms their staff will need to attend to. So, there’s a multiplier effect that occurs.

How Do Commercial Cleaning Companies Estimate Cost?

For example, let’s say there are 10 rooms in a building. If every room takes 5 minutes to vacuum, the proposal would include one staff member working for 50 minutes—fairly straightforward.

Next, let’s calculate how much time is required for trash removal. Using the same 10 rooms at the same location, we can determine it will take one minute per room to remove each trash can and take it to the dumpster equalling 10 minutes.

We then continue this process to determine how much time is required to clean the hard surfaces and wipe down the remaining surfaces for the 10 rooms.

To estimate what you’d expect to pay, we use the following equation:

Accumulated hours for all tasks X Labor rate X Weekly rate X Monthly rate = Quote for Client (annual)

Comparing Quotes for Cleaning Services Based on Industry

Why does this equation matter? Because there are plenty of variables that differ between locations and businesses for cleaning services. Our quotes at Phoenix Janitorial include customized cleaning services tailored to your business needs.

For example, if we know we’re cleaning a space that children frequently occupy, like a school or recreation facility, we anticipate vacuuming more often than an office with only adults. Adults in an office building tend to keep their space cleaner than children at a school, and children often carry around more germs (parents and teachers can attest!). No matter the location, Phoenix Janitorial always factors in who is occupying the commercial spaces we clean so we build a routine that works to keep your business clean and sanitized a for longer period of time.

Each of the four cleaning phases we referenced earlier requires different multipliers based on the type of location. That’s why we take the time to meet with our prospective clients in the space so we can provide an accurate quote for commercial cleaning services to save your business time and money.

How Do Office Cleaning Companies Budget For Time?

Phoenix Janitorial firmly believes that tightly budgeted hours have a higher correlation with performance. Good performers have better budgeted hours.

If your janitorial cleaning provider employs lazy personnel (take frequent breaks, play on their phone, grab a soda, etc.) who take an additional 10 minutes (or more) to vacuum a room, instead of a more productive 5-minute pace, it changes every aspect of the job proposal.

Thinking back to the 10-room property example from above, let’s do a quick comparison.

If Company A is able to get those 10 rooms vacuumed in 50 minutes and Company B vacuums the same square footage in 60 minutes. That equates to an additional savings of 3,650 minutes (or 60+ hours per year!), which Company A is able to save your business in productivity.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Service

If you’re tired of bouncing from one commercial cleaning services provider to another, look for a company with a culture built around efficiency and productivity. Reading reviews is a great way to hear from other business owners like you if you can’t receive a direct referral from a peer.

Phoenix Janitorial has been in business for over 20 years in the valley with countless clients willing to vouch for the quality of our work. If your current commercial cleaning company can’t do the same, it’s time to move forward without them.

Why Choose Phoenix Janitorial?

First impressions are important to you and your customers. Think of Phoenix Janitorial as an extension of your team. We know how to clean effectively and efficiently to reduce your costs, and we work hard to deliver professional, reliable commercial cleaning services so you can focus on the success of your business.

If you’re in the Phoenix metro area, don’t settle for average! Get a free quote from a local, top-rated commercial cleaning company today, or call us to learn more.